First time use?

Instruction for use

This complies to all baking tins produced by Clean Baking Products for the purpose of baking.

The CBP Bread baking tin guarantees a faster rising and a uniform temperature distribution, so you can enjoy an oven-fresh bread with a soft core and a crispy crust.

Maximum oven temperature 250 °C. Do not use grill function. 
Please use a small amount of greasing material when using this product for the first time.

There might be a slight plastic smell when placing our product in the oven the first time. We recommend blind baking the greased baking tin for 10 minutes first before attempting other recipes. After its first use there will not be any odors except for your delicious baking.

Advantages of baking molds in high-tech composite material

  • Non-stick coating, little or no fat required
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Multifunctional use: refrigerator, oven, freezer
  • Hygienic, no oxidation possible
  • Excellent baking results